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Our team consists of renowned academics, senior corporate executives, experienced public sector leaders, blockchain evangelists and social game-changers united by the common drive to revolutionize the world of learning and professional development.

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Team & advisors

Gordon Kerr

Senior Investment Advisor

Gordon Kerr is founder and CEO of Cobden Partners, London based investment consultancy. From 1983 Gordon Kerr worked as a capital markets...

Aly Madhavji

Senior Strategy Advisor

Aly Madhavji is the Founder and Former CEO of Global DCX, an innovative technology company launching secure digital currency exchanges...

Detelina Smilkova

Senior Academia Advisor

Detelina Smilkova is Vice President of the University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship (VUZF) - the first specialized higher...

Rob Garris

Senior Academia Advisor

Robert Garris, Global Director of Admissions for Schwarzman Scholars, has built innovative international programs...

Hristian Daskalov

Project Lead

Hristian Daskalov is an award-winning researcher*, author of the book “Stakeholder Management in Higher Education, Research & Innovation”. He...

Jordan Jambazov

Technology Lead

Senior Software developer with 10+ years of experience. Co-founder of software consulting company IO Era. Open Source software advocate...

Momchil Jambazov

Creative Technologist

Digital designer, web developer and problem solver with over 8 years of experience in building websites, e-commerce and other digital...

Dobromir Kovachev

Blockchain Developer

More than 10 years experience in software development field combined with successfully finished software solutions with National...

Vsevolod Okhrimenko

Software Developer

Vsevolod has more than 3 years of experience as a front-end developer, also quite enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies the last 2 years...

Teodora Alexieva

Marketing Manager

Teodora has more than 5 years of experience in online marketing, and advertising, she is a bitcoin enthusiast as well. She has ran and managed...

Margarita Taskova

Digital Designer

Margarita is an avid designer and currently contributes with graphic and web design. Aside from that she has years of experience as a freelance...

Prof. Kevin Dowd

Token Economics Visionary

Prof. Kevin Dowd is affiliated with the Cato Institute and is a Senior Fellow at The Cobden Centre, an independent educational charity...

Jeroen van Hertum

Senior Corporate Advisor

Jeroen van Hertum has 18+ years of experience working in the IT sector, combined with 13+ years as entrepreneur. Currently he is Marketing Director...

Kalin Tsekov

Senior Technology Advisor

Kalin Tsekov is founder Navigato - technology startup, providing electric vehicle solutions. He is also a CEO at iOSBuild software consultancy...

Prof. Ognyan Andreev

Senior Academia Ambassador

As of 2011, Prof. Ognyan Andreev is Head of the Department of Economics, Industrial Engineering and Management at the Faculty of Economics, Technical...

Angel Berniz

Senior Executive Digital Advisor

Angel Berniz is an internationally acclaimed Digital Transformation Expert & Coachhelping executives with their Business & Career Transformation...

Project ambassadors

Prof.Sergey Ignatov

Senior Academia Ambassador

Mariya Georgieva

Ambassador's Program Lead

Dr. Miroslav Pantaleev

Academia Ambassador

Justin Looney

Academia Ambassador

Victor Zhang

Academia Ambassador

Yana Vangelova

Academia Ambassador

Denitsa Simeonova

Community Ambassador

Iva Tsolova

Community Ambassador

Evelina Prodanova

Community Ambassador

Kuzman Iliev

Community Ambassador

Vladimir Sirkarov

Community Ambassador

Miglen Evlogiev

Community Ambassador

Dr. Angel Georgiev

Corporate Ambassador

Aleks Bozhinov

Crypto Ambassador

Stephan De Haes

Crypto Ambassador

Borislav Iliev

Crypto Ambassador

Milena Ribarova

Global Ambassador

Ravi Venkata

Global Ambassador

Truly distributed team

With the expansion of the project on a global scale, our team is expanding as well. Our international ambassadors are proven professionals, experts in their field, joining us as Open Source University representatives on-the-ground — in their respective universities, industries, communities. We have representatives all over Europe (England, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, etc.), Asia (Singapore, India, etc.), and the U.S.

Are you interested in becoming our next Ambassador at your university, industry, country? Do you believe that we can build the Education 4.0 system with the help of the distributed ledger, creating new opportunities for all? We need more open education and open science evangelists throughout the world, because knowledge knows no borders!

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