Your decentralized educational and professional identity

From the team who wrote the book on 'Blockchain in Education', comes an innovative platform, which provides learners from all ages, educators and businesses with a digital credentials wallet for discovery, validation and verification of achievements.

Smart Ledger for Personal & Organizational Development

Our platform serves as a ledger, which is enabling the discovery of opportunities and the validation and verification of formal and non-formal accomplishments.

We solve the following problems

  • OSU checkmark The lack of trust beyond institutional and national borders in the authenticity of formal diplomas and certificates, acquired by individuals, teams, and organizations.
  • OSU checkmark The hassle organizations face when filling in positions without insights on candidates' personalities beyond formal education, job titles and descriptions.
  • OSU checkmark The difficulty to provide, enroll into, and track the completion of tailored educational and professional development experiences beyond organizational boundaries.