Learning and development marketplace on the blockchain

Tokenized market between Businesses, Academia and Learners, equipped with sophisticated matching algorithms to exclude the middleman. Providing educational and career history verified by blockchain technology in a transparent and traceable way.

Disclaimer: logos of course providers and job listings are for illustrational purposes and do not represent already completed integrations.
OS.University Platform

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Alpha Development Progress Report

Blockchain Delivery Node 50%
User Interface60%
User Experience80%
Smart Contracts70%
Onboarding Users25%
Strategic Partnerships67%

Why we use Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is the best way to immutably store people’s education, certification and achievements.

It brings trust between untrusted parties and can facilitate potential agreements and all kinds of communication between Businesses, Academia and Learners, saving time and money, while avoiding any misunderstandings.

This new technology introduces transparency, enables us to regulate participants and give them more options in this microenvironment by introducing clear and highly customizable framework to automatically connect all parties (Businesses, Learners, Academia).

Smart Contracts

Highly customized smart contracts will be utilized to verify and store all of the learners’ certificates on the blockchain, making them immutable and accessible to all businesses and organizations. We make use of three kinds of smart contracts - L2B (Learners to Business), B2A (Business to Learners) and L2A (Learners to Academia).

  • L2B: In this chaining stage, companies or organizations can quickly filter users who possess the capabilities they require.
  • L2A: The student in question will be able to enjoy a secure storage, referring to his profile as a professional and make use of the suggestion algorithm based on the commercial needs projected towards the demand of skills.
  • B2A: It allows informing institutions, companies and academies about the needs within the learning and development market, therefore filtering in a more optimized way their proposals and study plans in a particular stratum, which has certain training interests.

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