We are what's next for education & professional development

OSU provides the missing network that enables individuals and institutions worldwide to send and receive information about educational qualifications & professional credentials in a secure, standardized and reliable environment.


Open Education And Career Development Ecosystem

We are leveraging an award-winning distributed ledger technology, empowering the independent acquisition, validation and verification of knowledge and skills, as well as merit-based digital rewards distribution.

Verify authenticity Distributed storage

Our system architecture combines the reliability of the leaders in cloud services, as well as the independence that peer-to-peer networks offer.

Verify authenticity Smart contracts

Our smart contracts enable programmable agreements around stakeholders' personal, professional and organizational development milestones.

Verify authenticity Blockchain

Our underlying blockchain is the best way to preserve and share information about key accomplishments, protected from loss or falsification.

Verify authenticity Tokenized marketplace

Our utility token allows for continuous scaling of the transactions of value on the platform beyond the limitations of a particular fiat or digital currency.


Proof of Concept

Our vision for a tokenized ecosystem, which brings together Learners (L), Businesses (B) and Academia (A) representatives, does not mean that we classify our users as representatives of one or another group exclusively. Instead, we strive to conceptualize the interactions that occur on our platform in order to highlight its main capabilities without limiting its utility to the above mentioned stakeholders.

We understand that your profile may fit in more of the categories or in none of them and that's fine - we have you covered! Just explore the platform and discover what it has to offer for you.

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L2B Interaction

The underlying blockchain behind the OSU platform is used as a distributed database to record individual and organizational certifications and other traits of excellence - an indisputable and safe medium, which allows for smarter matching, stronger connections and lower sourcing time and costs.

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L2A Interaction

Our technology allows for the decentralized formation of flexible educational and professional development pathways, based on the individual aspirations of learners, as well as based on the actual needs of public and private organizations wordlwide.

Course recommendation and demand projection algorithms empower equally the providers and the beneficiaries of learning and development products and services.

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B2A Interaction

Sourcing L&D partners can be a hefty task. Our platform introduces a new generation of marketplace where the exchange of value happens through smart contracts, eliminating the need of a middleman and the associated costs. An environment in which the seamless exchange of information is no longer dependent on institutional or national barriers.