EDU in Secondary and Non-formal Education

Sept. 5, 2019 in EDU Tokens

Students from different ages, enrolled in the school, benefit from the opportunity to gain indisputable and transferable recognition of their achievements, which is of extreme importance, given the fact that learning, acquired in weekend schools, is not always being credited beyond the community it serves, and it is sometimes being neglected in comparison to formal education. The latter issue we are solving by gamifying learners’ experience, boosting their engagement.

The partnership is being run through a ‘Moodle’ cloud-based website integration.

The Bulgarian School in S.P., Brazil

The Bulgarian School in Brazil is the largest weekend school in the country, operating independently in service of the Bulgarian community in Latin America under the umbrella of the Bulgarian Embassy in Brasilia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education. It enables Bulgarian and Brazilian nationals to gain basic and in-depth language skills, as well as it promotes the traditions and the culture of the nation it serves. The School is part of a global association of weekend schools. 

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