Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Open Source University platform and what is it for?

Open Source University shall be a distributed education and certification platform, operating on the public Ethereum blockchain. The platform distinguishes 3 main networks where business, learners and Academia will transparently collaborate. By using our distributed platform learners can store their certificates end academic achievements allowing businesses to reach them based on the current demands they have for specialists.

Why are EDU tokens necessary?

All services offered in the OSUni will be paid with EDU tokes and Ether. All users paying their courses with EDU tokens will not be charged for supporting our decentralized application.

Will there be additional EDU tokens after the Token Sale?

No. We want to be open and correct with our users and EDU tokens will only be issued at the current Token Sale campaign. Allowing customer satisfaction by burning and decent percentage of the tokens in order to maintain sustainable market rates for EDU tokens.

How many EDU tokens will be sold during the Token Sale?

34 800 000 EDU tokens will be sold during the presale and crowdsale period.

When will the EDU token sale start?

The sale will start on November 20th at 12:00 UTC.

Is there a minimum or maximum of EDU tokens I can buy?

No. There are no restrictions in the number of token you can buy.

What is the goal of the campaign?

We aim to reach hard cap of 44 000 ЕТH.

What guaranty do I have that I will received EDU tokens after transferring funds to the Token Sale?

Following successful registration and funding our smart contract will provide you with the EDU tokens. Smart contract can be publicly accessed at GitHub.

Do I need registration in order to participate?

Yes. Every Purchaser must cooperate for the identification process according the provisions for the prevention of money laundering and for the KYC "know your customer check" which will be provided via Parity Technologies Ltd identity check integrated in OSUni platform.

Are there some countries whose citizens cannot participate in the Token Sale?

Yes. Due to regulatory restrictions in the following countries their citizens cannot participate in the Token Sale: USA, South Korea, China and Republic of Singapore

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